Coffee Cart

Quintino’s is proud to introduce the Kopi Lima Cart;
Our unique Mobile Café.


Kopi Lima CartThe Kopi Lima cart is a cross between an Italian “hole-in-the-wall” espresso bar and the Indonesian Kaki Lima. With its sleek and elegant design the cart is ideally suited to the lobby or prominent area in any up-market office building. The Kopi Lima cart is not a sit-down café, it is more about being sociable. The purpose of the Kopi Lima cart is to offer a focal point for people to meet up or get together for a quick chat, and at the same time pick up some superb coffee and snacks to take away.

The Kopi Lima is constructed from stainless steel and is a fully self-contained café on wheels. It includes built-in water tanks and pump, sink, coffee machine, display cases, fridges and Front and rear roller doors that slide down to easily and securely lock up the cart at night.