Luwak – Genuine Certified

Luwak - Genuine Certified

Luwak coffee is known as the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. It is definitely unique and only available in very limited quantities from plantations on the isles of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi along the Indonesian Archipelago.
The coffee is so unique because the beans pass through the digestive tract of the Luwak cat (Civet) which lives naturally in the forests surrounding the coffee plantations. What makes Kopi Luwak so special is the selection of the ripest cherries by the civet and the natural fermentation of the beans during the digestive process. Enzymes act on the beans to soften the acidity and reduce the earthy tones while building the body and the deep unique flavor of the coffee beans.

FAQ 1 : How to best enjoy luwak coffee?
As an espresso (30ml) or even better as a ristretto (15ml).
It is in this concentrated form that you can appreciate what makes luwak great. The heavy body, low acidity and smooth deep flavor that makes it unique. You should never need to add sugar…

FAQ2 : Does Quintino’s have luwak coffee?
Well YES and NO…
Yes: For the past few years at Quintino’s we have roasted and packed into special 100g gift boxes, a small amount of luwak, about 5 kilos every month or two, (about 30 or so boxes). We purchase our luwak from a government research station in Java with a certification certificate for each batch we buy.
No: Quintino’s luwak is not available in the retail market.
This certified bean is rare and difficult for us to buy, so we choose not to sell any retail. We only make a few boxes available as gifts or to say thank you to our special customers. We only roast luwak for the joy of this very special coffee.


Triple Pick Speciality Grade. Pure Arabica Coffee.

The Papua coffee growing region, is one of the most remote and purest places in the world. The coffee grows wild at high altitudes and is naturally covered by rainforest.

The beans are collected and carried out along long trails where they are sold in small volumes by local traders. Definitely a rare and difficult to source bean.

A soft low-acid coffee with fruity and winey tones along with a wild floral taste.