Sumatran mellow

Gayo & Mandheling Sumatra. Triple Pick Speciality Grade. Pure Arabica Coffee.

We combine two of our favorite beans from remote Sumatran highland estates to create a unique coffee that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Sumatran mellow gets the body from the Gayo and the lively acidity and flavor from the Mandheling.
Our close proximity to theses estates allows us to access to the finest beans of the harvest season.

Gayo is an intense coffee with a strong body and flavor to match. It is low in acidity with slight earthy tones anSumatran mellow is a soft full-bodied coffee with a clean aftertaste and slightly spicy background.

Archipelago Espresso

For lovers of a smooth lingering espresso, Quintino’s presents our Archipelago Espresso.

This is the smooth espresso to finish off that great meal, to accompany the perfect glass of wine and cigar, a coffee with a creamy rich aftertaste.

Archipelago is roasted from a selection of coffees; Indonesian triple pick grade Arabica, a little South American Columbian and a touch of special Robusta.

Expect a full body and creamy texture with a bittersweet lingering nutty caramel aftertaste.