Want to buy a carton of Quintino’s speciality coffees but afraid it will lose its freshness in storage?

Now you can buy Quintino’s coffee in bulk and save.



A Revolution in Coffee Packaging

Protecting the freshness & fine aroma of our fine coffees.

All Quintino’s coffees are roasted fresh and supplied with our exclusive Qfresh coffee freshness system.
Even after months of storage and transport, Qfresh ensures that the fine flavor and aroma of our coffee is there when you open the pack.


Now you don’t need to worry so much about storing your coffee.

  • Coffee lovers can buy freshly roasted coffee direct from our on-line shop and save.
  • Ideal for prestige hotels, restaurants, and other foodservice customers that need to store in quantity.

* Qfresh is only effective while the pack remains sealed.

** Staling, or “going stale” is a process where the aromatic components that make coffee taste special degrade and change when stored for long periods of time. Some of the fine aromas and flavors are lost and poor tasting flat and harsh flavors develop.

*** Qfresh is not vacuum packing. It uses absorber sachets to absorb only the gases that cause coffee to taste stale, meanwhile keeping the flavor and aroma of your coffee locked inside the bag. Absorber sachets are an established Japanese technology that has been in use in the food industry many years.

Common sense storage tips: The enemies of coffee freshness are oxygen, light and humidity. Even with Qfresh, coffee should be stored in a dry place, at a constant temperature and out of direct sunlight. Once the pack is opened the coffee should be resealed airtight and consumed within a few days. Whole beans will stay fresher than ground coffee.