Because great coffee doesn’t happen in an instant


Qbags are Quintino’s innovative contribution to enjoying great coffee. Filled with our “Sumatran mellow” Arabica coffee, these single serve bags brew a fresh cup every time. Just open the bag, hook it on to a cup, and pour freshly boiled water through the filter.

While coffee is renowned as one of the world’s most sociable beverages, it is also very much a personal encounter – those quiet early morning moments, for example.

Quintino’s aim is to enhance those moments by returning coffee to its more traditional roots. No more electronic gadgetry. No more mass-produced instant sachets and no messy after-coffee cleanups. Just you, your Qbags and the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee.

  • 100% grade-A Arabica coffee
  • Hygienic individual sachets
  • Fun and convenient to use
  • Disposable – no machine, no mess

Qbags are ideal for use in the home, hotel guest rooms, offices, campingin fact, anywhere, any time.

A fresh cup… every time

qbagsAvailable packs:

  • 3 sachets
  • 7 sachets
  • 12 sachets
  • 50 sachets