First thing in the morning, how does a great cup of real coffee sound?

Quintino’s would like to offer you fresh roasted coffee delivered straight to your own coffee machine.

Our complete package includes:

Your choice of our two premium blends

  • Soft lightly roasted Sumatran mellow or
  • Rich dark roasted Archipelago Espresso

or choose from our range of premium single origin coffees.

and fully automatic coffee machines

  • Jura X8 Platinum


  • 12 month warranty on parts and labor
  • 11 service calls for the first year
  • Training & ongoing quality control
  • Quintino’s specially designed cups and saucers
  • First 3 kgs of Sumatran Mellow coffee free (equivalent to 360 cups of coffee)
  • OR please ask for our assistance in sourcing the coffee machine that best suits for your needs.**
Jura Ena Micro
up to 10 cups per day

Jura X8 Platinum

Jura X8 Platinum
up to 80 cups per day

coffee-machine-wmf-prestoWMF Presto
300+ cups per day

**Quintino’s is a roasting company and is not tied to any specific machine manufacturers.

Special Package Pricing

  • Sumatran mellow / Archipelago Espresso whole beans 1kg pack: Rp. 290000*
  • Jura X8 Platinum: SGD 3,941*


Rent & Buy Option

Saeco Royal Capuccino + 5 kg of coffee free per month,
after 12 months you own the coffee machine.
SGD 394*/month

*Our pricing excludes PPn and is subject to change without notice.
Above offer is valid only for Jakarta and Surabaya area and subject to
availability of machines.

Average Office Coffee Consumption

Assumptions on costs to enjoy real coffee

  • 35 person drinking an average 1 cup per day each
  • Allow 35 cups per day
  • Coffee consumption 35 x 8 grams per cup/1000 = 0.28 kilo’s per day
  • 22 days per month = 22 x 0.28 = 6.1 kilos per month or
    approx 6 kilos per month
  • Coffee cost per month = 6 x Rp. 205,000 per kilo
    delivered = Rp. 1,230,000 + 10% (PPn) = Rp. 1,353,000

Sugar & creamer can be purchased inexpensively at a supermarket, for say Rp. 300,000 per month. (Or we can supply as part of our package).

Estimated monthly operating cost for Quintino’s coffee for entire office:
Approx Rp. 1,353,000 per month.

(Please compare this with minimum monthly spends on other office café bar suppliers which can be up to Rp. 2,000,000 / month and uses instant coffee.)

For more information and advice,
please contact us