Now Qbags make it easy to enjoy real coffee with real convenience.
Whether at home, your office, traveling or anywhere, all you need is a kettle and a Qbags sachet

The Quintino’s “Qbags” coffee bag, brews a single cup of fresh full flavored real coffee. The Qbags functions like a disposable drip filter filled with premium Arabica coffee. It comes in a sealed, pocket-sized sachet from which the coffee bag is removed. Paper legs on the side fold out and the bag is clipped onto the cup and hot water is poured through to brew a real cup of coffee.

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Worlds most advanced coffee freshness system


  • FRESHNESS PROTECTION from effects of staling for 12+ months.

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Indonesian Speciality Coffee and the “from farm to cup” concept

Quintino’s specializes only in roast coffee from the Indonesian Archipelago. One of our developments in starting Quintino’s has been the “from farm to cup” concept for our beans. We purchase beans directly from farmer co-ops and traders that we know in the different regions. We then roast and package this coffee for sale to supermarkets and café’s directly. This close proximity to the people and where the coffee is grown has enabled Quintino’s to ensure a high quality coffee supply plus develop another revolutionary idea, the “In-Season Coffee” concept.