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we care for your coffee every step of the way

A World First by Quintino’s Micro Coffee Processing

Quintino’s has been building its own micro-coffee process centers in each of the remote highland plantation “origin” areas of the Archipelago. This enables us work directly with farmers who are growing your beans.

At our micro-centers we carefully process the green beans and ship them directly to our roasthouse in Java, for fresh roasting and packaging with Qfresh protection.

The feedback, know-how and the resulting improvements in coffee quality enables the farmers to grow beans with the taste that coffee lovers around the world prefer.

At Quintino’s we believe Farmer Direct is a world first in coffee roasting. We also believe improving quality and freshness is of long term benefit to all.

“From the tree your coffee was grown to your cup.”


Is Coffee Season important when choosing your coffee?

For Single Origin Speciality Coffee;

Knowing the coffee season is very important.

A single origin coffee is a coffee from a very specific geographic location or plantation.

The joy in Single Origin coffees comes from tasting the unique flavor and character of that coffee at the peak of its current harvest season.

Single origins are about adding variety and interest to your coffee experience.

Freshness and In-Season Coffee

With single origin coffee, the freshness of the green bean at the time of roasting is important. Green (unroasted) coffee beans can be stored for years. However, subtle aromatic flavors and notes disappear as the coffee ages. It is these subtle tones and notes that provide the complete Single Origin coffee experience.

We feel that it is important to buy single origin coffees roasted fresh and “In-Season”.

The Quintino’s Guarantee

The single origin coffees we present to you are of the finest quality we can source and directly traceable to the region or estates mentioned on the pack.

After many years of specialising in sourcing and roasting beans from around the Archipelago, we have learned how to roast each single origin individually to what we believe perfectly highlights its best character and flavor.

For Coffee Blends;

Not so much.

Our blends, such as Sumatran mellow (light roast) and Archipelago espresso (dark roast), are about delivering a coffee of consistent taste and character

As seasons and harvests change, we individually roast and blend a variety of different beans, with make small adjustments from time to time to achieve this consistency. In fact, the softer aged beans can work well as part of the blend.

Like meeting up with an old close friend. Blends are about enjoying the same perfect coffee experience, every time.


What makes Indonesian Coffee Special?

One of the special features of the Indonesian Archipelago is its length and diversity, which is unique. From east to west the Archipelago is wider than the USA. From the top of Sumatra through to Java, from Sulawesi to Papua, harvest seasons can vary by 6 months. As do the coffee flavors and character from the different locations and plantations. This makes it ideal for year round sourcing of speciality coffees.

The Coffee Trade

Most speciality coffee is traded in green bean, from small farmers to local processors. It is then exported in huge tonnages through major trading hubs in Europe and USA. The coffee is then re-exported to smaller traders in other countries and sold on to local roasters. This process can lead to green coffee beans of more than a year old at the time of roasting. Quintino’s buys direct from Indonesian farmer co-ops or processors.


Approximation only, harvest seasons will vary depending on current climatic conditions.
Our “In-Season” coffee concept applies ONLY to our specially marked Single Origin 250 g coffee packs. Our blends and other coffees are not affected.